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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhijan (RMSA)

Good Practices

Good Practices Template for States/UTs

This template seeks to capture the best practices in education sector from each state which have significantly contributed to the improvement of learning outcomes or overall condition and quality of secondary education at the state level.

What is a good practice

A good practice is one that can be differentiated from the normal practices and initiatives advocated under RMSA and state as well for secondary education which has been proven to yield successful and sustainable results and therefore can be recommended as a model. It should be validated and tested in broad sense to have supported a significant improvement in secondary education and deserves to be shared so that other states can replicate the same.

Good Practice Criteria

The following set of criteria will help you determine whether a practice is a ‘good practice’

Effective and Successful

A good practice should be identified with proven strategic relevance in achieving a specific objective and has had a positive impact on the overall condition of secondary education at the state level or a significant number of stakeholders (students/ teachers/ parents/ community and other relevant stakeholders both at the district and state levels)


A good practice should be characterized to meet current needs (for example: enhance state level indictors, increase students’ performance, attendance, teaching learning methods etc.) without compromising the ability to address future needs

Sensitive to the goals of RMSA

The practices need to be sensitive to the vision and goals of integrated RMSA including promoting gender equity, inclusiveness for the CWSN, promote employability of out of school children through VE, improvement of Science, Mathematics and English teaching and learning methods, gender sensitive activities in girls’ hostels, use of ICT enabled infrastructure for better teaching learning outcomes etc. (For example: role reversal exercise for the normal students by blindfolding them or creating conditions common to CWSN to promote empathy and sensibility towards the issues of peer CWSN kids)

Technical feasibility

A good practice should be easy to replicate and implement

Participatory in nature

A good practice should encourage a participatory approach towards the target beneficiary so that they support a joint sense of ownership of decisions and actions


A good practice should be marked by the uniqueness in approach, methodology or strategy of implementation than the regular practices

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Good Practices