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Government Of Assam Secondary Education Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhijan (RMSA)

Teachers' Training

Rastriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan, Assam is committed to ensure quality secondary education in the State. Conducting Teachers’ Training at regular interval is a major intervention in this direction. Training programme generally targets to address the needs of the teachers and to transform teaching learning process in light of the latest development in education sector. Apart from subject wise trainings i.e. English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science & Classical subjects; training on other developmental, professional and awareness issues like Leadership & Management, Disability, Adolescent & Gender, Environment, Culture & Heritage, Social & Financial Education, Life skills, , Career Counseling, Disaster Management etc are also being conducted for teachers.

Training Programme conducted during 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14

1. 15 days district level Training for the teachers of Mathematics, Science and English To enrich the teachers with latest developments in teaching methodologies and contents, 15 days residential training of teachers has been designed and a private party namely IL&Fs Education was selected through RFP to implement the training programme. The training was imparted in the pilot districts ie Kamrup (metro), Kamrup (R), Dibrugarh and Nagaon. The programme in total has covered 3179 teachers.

2. 5 days district level In-service training for Social Science The training programme was imparted to 3665 Social Science Teachers across the State. The training aimed at supporting teachers to learn teaching methodologies and current trends of Social Science.

3. 2 days In-service training on Basic English & Disaster Management The training was conducted for 12253 Teachers of Regional Languages and other Classical subjects to strengthen their Basic English & to create awareness on Disaster Management.

4. 3 days State level Training of Teachers on Life Skills & Slow Larning issues The training programme was conducted for 2442 School teachers (1 teacher per school) in collaboration with Don Bosco Institute, Kharghuli The training programme intended to train teachers on life skills as significant measure to deal with slow learning students & facilitate their learning level.

5. 5 Days State Level Residential Programme for Principal/Head Master on Leadership & Management: To enrich the Principal/HM with managerial and leadership skills, 5 days training was imparted to Heads of the School across the State. More than 3000 Principal/HM were trained in collaboration with Don Bosco Institute, Kharghuli

6. 2 Days State level training for Mathematics Teachers on Computer based learning: The training was conducted for Mathematics teachers of Guwahati City areas under IGNOU on pilot basis and expansion of the training for all Mathematics teachers of the state is under process.

7. Foundation Course on Education of Children with special Needs (Disability issues): To address issues related to Disability and to equip teachers with skills to deal with such children, a 3- month long course of Rehabilitation Council of India under NEHU was imparted in collaboration with Sishu Sarathi & Monfort. 230 teachers has undergone the course till date

8. 4 Days State Level Training On Adolescent Issues & Gender Sensitization: 270 Master Trainers were trained at State Level in collaboration with Assam Mahila Samata Society in Adolescent Issues and Gender Sensitization.

9. 2 Days District Level Training On Disability issues: 2 days District Level Training for 2757 teachers is organized (1 teacher per school) on Disability issues To train the District level teachers, 270 Master Trainers were trained at State Level in collaboration with expertise agencies of this field.

10. 2 Days Training of Environment Educators On Environmental Issues 4 Days State level Training for 110 Master Trainers across the State was organized on Environmental Issues and these Master Trainers had trained 2757 teachers at district level.

11. 4 Days State Level Training on Career Counselling 270 Master Trainers were trained at State Level with technical support from Mind India in June, 2014 Master trainers trained at State level had imparted training 1 teacher per school so that teachers can create awareness among students regarding emerging career options among students.

Training Programme conducted during 2014-15 :

Training of Key Resource Persons :

-PAB has approved a training of 54 Key Resource Persons for 5 days during the financial year 2014-15.

-24 Key Resource Persons were trained on Science and Mathematics with support from NCERT, New Delhi and NERIE, Shillong.

- The training programme focused on content, pedagogy and method of teaching

Training of Master Trainers :

-PAB has approved a training of 500 Master Trainers for 5 Days during the financial year 2014-15.

- The training programme was designed for Master Trainers of Science, Mathematics and English

- The training of Master Trainers of Science & Mathematics was organised in three zones i.e Guwahati, Tezpur and Jorhat

- Key Resource Persons trained with support from NERIE had trained the Master Trainers of Science & Mathematics.

- The training programme focused on content, pedagogy and method of teaching along with practical exposures.

- Total 465 Master Trainers across the State were trained on Science , Mathematics and English.

- The module for the training has been prepared by RMSA,Project Cell at NCERT, New Delhi.

In-Service Training of Teachers :

-PAB has approved In-service Training of 15000 teachers during the financial year 2014-15.

-13426 teachers were trained on Science, Mathematics and English across the State.

-1574 teachers were trained on Adolescent Issues and Career Counselling

-The Master Trainers trained by the Key Resource Persons had conducted the District level teachers.

-The module developed by RMSA, Project Cell, NCERT, New Delhi was followed for the said subjects.

-The master trainers trained on Adolescent Issues and Gender Sensitization with support from Assam Mahila Samata Society had conducted the teachers at District Level on the said subject.

- Master trainers trained by UNICEF, Assam and Mind India had conducted training on Career Counselling

Training on Financial Literacy :

- RMSA, Assam is planning to launch a vocational training on “Financial Literacy” in collaboration with “National Stock Exchange of India Ltd” in the State for students of Class IX and X from the academic year 2014-15

- In this regard, 54 Schools from the entire State has been selected (2 Schools from each Districts) From the enlisted schools, the batch of 2 teachers from each school ie a total of (54x2=108) teachers in the State are selected as Master Trainers for the first phase of the training.

-The Master Trainer selected are from Economics and Mathematics background. Master Trainer’s Training is being organized for 3 days at 3 zones of the State. These 3 zones are – Dibrugarh, Kamrup (M) , and Cachar District.

- From each school ,30 students from class IX and 30 students from class X (i.e. a total of 60 students per School) to be enrolled in the course ie a total of 60x54= 3240 students from the entire State for the 1st phase.

Training Programme conducted during 2015-16 :

As per approval of Project Approval Board, following Teachers’ Training have been proposed to undertake under RMSA, Assam for the financial year 2015-16 with the following physical targets :

Name of the Teachers TrainingPhysical Target Achieved
10 days In-Service Training for Social Science3750
10 days In-Service Training for Hindi1500
10 days In-Service Training for Science3810
10 days In-Service Training for Mathematics4590

For successful implementation of the programmes at State level, SCERT Assam was notified as the Nodal Agency for all Teachers’ Training. A State Core Committee (SCC) was also formed comprising of the members of SCERT, RMSA, different Colleges and Universities to plan and conduct the Teachers Training and all sub activities related to teachers training in order to enhance the quality of secondary education of Assam. To conduct the District level training programmes, DIET/CTE/IASEs are notified as Nodal Agency under the supervision of Inspector of Schools of the concerned Districts.

The Modules of all the subjects has been prepared by the subject experts of SCERT, different Colleges and Universities.

Ongoing and upcoming Teachers’ Training for the financial year 2016-17

School Leadership Development Programme : To improve the overall scenario of Education, Leadership qualities of School heads plays the most crucial role, therefore to empower the school Heads with Leadership qualities, School Leadership Development Programme is our priority. The Programme has been implemented in collaboration with National Centre for School Leadership (NCSL), NUEPA and as per approval of PAB.

Present Status of the programme :

NCSL has already trained State Resource Group consisted of Members from SSA, RMSA, SCERT, CTE, DIET, different Schools in two phase held on 29th February , 16 to 9th March, 2016 and 2th May, 2016 to 11th May, 2016.

The State Resource Group has trained the District Resource Group on 21st July, 2016 to 30 th July, 2016

The training is going on in all Districts of Assam covering all School Heads with support from District Resource Group trained at State Level

Training Programmes Conducted :

10 days In-Service training for the Teachers of Science, Mathematics: 8536 teachers of Science and Mathematics across the State are proposed to be trained under the programme. District will design their training programme and develop the training modules based on the needs of the teachers of the district.

10 days In-Service training for the teachers of English: The training programme has been conducted at cascade mode and proposed to cover 3455 teachers of secondary level across the State. Series of workshops has been organized to develop the training module under the chairmanship of Dr. Mizo Prova Borah, HOD, Deptt of Languages, SCERT, Assam. 2 Master Trainers per district were trained at State level from 26th September, 2016 to 5th October, 2018. Experts from SCERT, Gauhati University, SEBA, AHSEC, ELTI has participated as Resource Person at the State level training.